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How to check your gig position/page?

how to check your gig position/page? is there any gig position checker site?

No. You can’t. There are some pages you can use to check is your gig on first two pages, but in most cases you already know the answer -No.

I still have not find my logo GIG not even once, but I stopped looking after page 30.

Easiest way is to just open a private/incognito window in your browser and type in a keyword related to your gig – I’m a music composer so from time to time I’ll type “soundtrack” into search to see how I rank.

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Yes, if you are no competitive category with 50 sellers.

If you are in a category with 187000 sellers…

How do you see how many sellers there are for logo design? Is there a website or…?

Go to site as buyer, put logo, or custom logo or anything logo and look how many services (GIG) you get.

The best part is if you search for logo and then go on page 20 or 30 it is filled with Level 2 PRO and TRS… so if I ever get organic sale on logo GIG it would be landing of Aliens on earth moment.