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How to choose a good seller


When you are choosing a seller please be careful and keep in mind these tips.

  1. Please see the rating of seller. Some time the seller has 100 rating but he has finished only one order and the other side another seller has 90% rating and has completed the 300 order. So please see the over all ranking.
  2. Before baying a gig you may check that how many order are in hand to complete in a seller. If there are many orders are pending then how can a seller deliver your order on time? So you may see this.
  3. You have to see the response time of seller. If you are in ASAP situation and the seller’s response time is 24 hours then how can a seller give you your order at your desired time.

    These are some points which will be very helpful for new and experienced byers.

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A 90% rating is too low in my opinion. It shows me the seller is either late or the time or unwilling to give refunds or simply isn’t doing good work.

Personally, I hire people who have a Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back policy. I’m not interested in unlimited revisions, and no self-respecting seller should ever agree to that. Two revisions should be the max, one in some cases, and then the seller has to see if it’s worth his time to continue making revisions, usually at that point is better to take a small loss than a bigger one.


If a seller had a negative review, would that stop you from buying from him? I’m more focused on the rating and portfolio samples. If the rating is at least 90% and I see several positive reviews, I’m confident. If the seller has no reviews but I like his portfolio samples, I will probably order. But if his portfolio samples look fake or stolen, I won’t order.


I would also suggest trying to message a few sellers and see how they act. Do they inspire you confidence?

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Really great tips… And I agree with you @intshare, you need to at least have a conversation with sellers before you consider them. And negative reviews aren’t that important if the buyer doesn’t specify the reason (some people are just ****) but should still be considered especially if its high. And I don’t actually mind giving unlimited revisions, since you’ll always be satisfied with the first delivery


I actually mind giving unlimited revisions personally, while I have not met any ‘‘crazy’’ clients so far (only had one and he was awesome) I have heard so many horror stories about unlimited revisions on the forum and I’d like to avoid that if possible at all. I also believe that my work is high quality enough that it SIMPLY WON’T REQUIRE much revision at all. I also believe my time is worth more than that and would rather accept a small loss than <> with a client that is never satisfied. And if anything, I can always give an extra revision for free, if his/her request does make sense or even a full refund. I’d rather use that way because it protects myself, but I reckon it depends on your GIGs type, it would be (for example) almost crazy not to give revisions on a logo designing GIG, meanwhile on other GIG it wouldn’t matter at all. So it’s obviously situational and at your discretion… Just my two cents.

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All of those are good points and a good one on response time but just wanted to add that sometimes the response times are calculated kind of weird. If a buyer says something that does not need a response etc. I know we try to be fast but I have noticed that those response times are not always an accurate portrayal of our actual timing. :slight_smile:


I offer unlimited revisions but I can normally tell if I am getting scammed for double jobs as in the changes in wording and them trying to get totally different jobs for free or sometimes we just don’t get a design right and after a few revisions you can tell if it is working or if it isn’t. If I am not happy with what is going on, just cancel and let them get a refund to go to someone else. That has hardly happened but it is only if I have given it my best shot several times and there is no other solution. I think unlimited helps the buyers understand that you will try your hardest to get it done for them. Putting a number like 3 or 5 is limiting depending on the job.


Everyone’s making great points. :smile:

I think besides checking the seller’s stats (ratings, response rate, etc.) it would help to have an actual conversation with them. Sometimes communication styles differ and can change the course of a gig! I’ve had customers who are perfectly nice, but if we cannot communicate well the gig will not move forward and chances are, we’ll both be frustrated. I would love it if more buyers would message me to get a feel for my work before ordering so I can answer any questions in advance.

Conclusion: Ask the seller questions and see how quickly they respond and if you can easily understand what they need from you.


Chose a seller that has a love of work
dedicated and hard working one


5 stars is outstanding experience4 stars is good experience3 stars is satisfactory experience.

Usually, if a buyer gives me 3-4 stars, he won’t hire me again, at least not that gig.


How to choose a good buyer? I need to know. I completed an order in between 5-6hours when the order started. But then He/she didn’t knock me, told me anything about satisfaction and marked as complete, rated 4.5 :confused: though my gig description offers unlimited revisions and there were more than 18 hours in hand :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


You’ve got the right idea. Anyone with skill shouldn’t fear unlimited revisions, as 1 of 2 things will happen:

  1. You will get the job done to your client’s specifications with relative ease, through rapid revision/feedback. Plus the buyer will be especially appreciative.
  2. They will run you around a couple of turns and you will discover that they don’t know what they want, and simply return their money.
    Either way, limiting revisions has only led to conflict and buyer frustration on my end. May as well use unlimited revisions as a selling point advantage. If they get too unreasonable, cut em loose.

Everything isn’t black and white. Be water.


@n4y33m, I heard that most of those 4.5 stars is a glitch that happens when buyers leave a 5star review on the app. Contact the buyer if you can and see if thats the actual rating you got.


I Think common sense should prevail here.

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Also its good to bear in mind that even the most established of sellers will have the occasional crazy nuts buyer although these are few and far between so not everyone will have 100%



Exactly what I was thinking!