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How to choose colors for your gig image?

This topic is part 2 of Use color psychology to improve your gig. If you didn’t read it, please do it before you get into this one as I covered many color basics over there. Many people got interested in this topic and this is why I made continuation. Now enough chit-chat :slight_smile:

Colors on computer monitor are made by combination of 3 basic colors: red, green and blue.

We can use currently 16,777,216 colors in web and there are three popular methods of choosing colors in most graphic tools. It’s important to understand them, because you may have graphic tool where there is no color picker, and you may need to insert color values manually. I discovered also that using this methods often finds much better color shades :wink: You need to know about them too if you want to use color palettes tools which will help you find great shades of colors. And this topic is a must know knowledge for somebody that works as a web developer or graphic designer.

RGB - Red, Green, Blue

Values of colors red, green and blue are inserted as numbers within 0 to 255 of each color.


  • 255, 166, 0

  • 0, 47, 255

  • 255, 0, 144

HEX - hexadecimal

Values of colors red, green, blue are inserted in hexadecimal values. Every color have 2 numbers in value. Values from smallest to largest: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F. Letters don’t need to be caps.


  • #FF0000

  • #00FFD8

  • #E500FF

Predefined colors

You can also use predefined color names. Now i don’t recommend this method as it allows only 147 basic colors, which is really limited number considering other methods.


  • Red

  • MediumSeaGreen

  • CornflowerBlue


Nice topic but can you show samples of these colors you mention?


Thank you for idea! Added samples to topic :slight_smile:


The first impression is the final decision. First, the image of the gig should be as good as everything else. Specifically, We will provide our services as Golden. Thanks, Your Valuable Idea.


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Hi @michal247. You shared so much classic links n information. I have been always stuck in using colors in my Fiverr gigs. But you show me the way to use them. Thank you

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I am chose color Violet.

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Excellent, Your idea is more pretty…:slight_smile::expressionless:

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What is the best way to convert a color palette to HTML code? For example I found this plugin the color picker chrome What do you think about it?