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How to choose right designer! and not to be cheated!

HI I’m Ambrose I completely understand the reason of your situation when you waste time and money and don’t get nothing valuable. What I will do for you right away is to share with you some tips about how to choose right designer!

  1. At first ignore the designer who will tell you that he will design a great concept just in 24h period. There is no designer who can design a unique concept in that time period, so you are going to be cheated with cliparts :slight_smile:

  2. Never trust a designer who will design as cheap as it’s possible, you will ONLY be charged for nothing, as soon as you receive the final product you will already waste the most valuable thing you have time. So don’t trust designers who didn’t respect their time and work so they will never respect yours!

  3. And finally I like to share some images where you can recognize cliparts it’s better than hundred of words :slight_smile:

    please see the links below:

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This is really useful:) I hope that some people will actually read it. What I find the most ridiculous is when i see gigs ‘I will design and code e-commerce wordpress website for $5 in under 24 hours’. I actually got angry because there’s two options how this person does that: 1. has turbo speed with turbo skills 2. taking free or nulled themes from some website. The second option seems real. Daily I see at least few gigs with fake portfolio, when every single of their ‘work’ can be downloaded for free. I saw also gigs with nulled graphics/themes from the marketplaces I sell. People have no shame. I understand some people buy ready components/base codes/some part of graphics with right licensing and use it, but taking someones work without them knowing they took it (or worse copying whole work with description etc.) represetns really low behavior.

Not every designer is fake so you have to try once. I can give 100% Original Design if anyone interested.


Reply to @d_designers: Everyone has their right to discuss anything they want to. If you value your work and your time, and you don’t want to deliver crap to your buyer, you set the timing the way you know, that you will be able to complete buyer’s requests. I would prefer to have less sales and do my job right than many sales and do the job bad. So stop this fragglesrock comments:)

Reply to @d_designers: This is bogus, I use 3 days (illustration, not design but it’s both creative work) and get orders. Most of the time I can deliver my work after 2 days and can use the 3rd day to offer my buyer a chance to let me do some last modifications. I see so many logo designers here on fiverr who just put some stripes on a generic clipart and call it an AWESOME unique Logo.

Reply to @ambroseanderson:
I would expect a great concept, but not an original concept.
For $5 I would only expect someone with better knowledge of clip art than me to make some suggestions.
For original art I would expect to pay a lot more.
It is only $5!!

Reply to @d_designers:
For $5 I would only expect for clip art or a template.

Reply to @lambiloon: :slight_smile: you tell me that? you are using clipart in your main cover


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Reply to @builddesign: For sure I absolutely agree with you for $5 but there is another question why you run a business with that appearance? for me it’s better to pay $100 and get unique one than pay $5 waste my time my business and my authority because my brand logo have nothing unique in it, just another free stock clipart.

Reply to @ambroseanderson: Not just any clipart, but nulled clipart :smiley: