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How to choose the right designer?

Hey there! Fiverr is a cool platform and here are a lot great artists!
I find it very difficult to start.
While im searching a logo designer for “DF VIDEOS” i found too many possible artists and a lot good portfolios.
Id love to have my name´s letters DF in a perfect combination in a graphic that looks like film/video and videos as subtitle, while im not sure if i should use my full name, too … it cannot decide that - but i cannot spend that much money to hire a lot of the great artist out there :/. There are so many good letter-logos, business-designs, easy-to-understand-graphics…Where schould i start? How can i choose the right designer for my videomaker-logo? Is there a page where i can request a logo for all interested designers?
Thank you! Greets, Dennis


Option 1: Buyers Request

found under Buyers tab
Post your request in as much detail as possible along with a budget (a reasonable one).

Option 2: Search for video specialists that are Level 1 and up and proceed to narrow down results based on what you’re looking for. Results can be narrowed down by number of reviews and star ratings.


You can also reach out to individual artists whose portfolios you like and ask about their services.

The buyers request section can be more than a bit messy, so be careful with that.