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How to Choose the right sellers?

How do you choose the right seller for your project? It’s very easy. Now there are lot of sellers on fiverr because fiverr is a big market place and still growing. But how do you know the right seller;

  1. check out the profile description. Some don’t specify what they really do, while some will expatiate on the service they are rendering.So those that talked more about their service are the best seller.
  2. Check the gig description; Sellers don’t tell in details what they will do for their buyers. While some will tell you everything you need to know in their gig description.
  3. Another thing is that most dont have a strategy for what they do. so look for sellers that has strategy for what they do.

Now you check out the profile, he deals only on crowdfunding campaign both creation and promotion. This is a best example of how to know a the best seller for your project. Check out his gigs and see.


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