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How to choose what to sell!


The best way to choose what to sell is to go on fiverr and see what others are selling. Make sure to do your research

before you post what you want to sell. Look at how other sellers are listing their items and look at what their description

says. Look at how many gigs they have in their que. If they don’t have a lot sold then maybe this is not such a good idea for

you to take on to sell. Looking at what has been a proven seller before listing will put you way ahead of your competition.


You’re right, looking at what other sellers are offering is a great way to get inspiration for a new gig. :slight_smile:

Never copy a gig that you have found though. Try to make it a bit better by offering a little more than the other seller’s offering the same thing, or maybe even offer a bonus. :slight_smile: Make sure you use your own words in the title and description as well.

I also think that sellers should think of things they enjoy doing or are good at doing and create gigs based on that. :slight_smile:


Thank you . :-h


Research is good but just seeing what other people are offering and copying theirs isn’t (not that I’m suggesting that’s what you’re suggesting lol). Just because it’s on the front page of doesn’t guarantee that it’s selling well, especially if it’s a featured gig - These normally get featured for being unique, different and sometimes a bit weird! But this is normally for a small market niche. I have other gigs that make double the sales of my featured gig, but my featured gig gets people clicking on me and seeing what else I have to offer, so that might be the trick to getting a high amount of sales.

Take inspiration from things you already have an interest in, not what’s popular. If you don’t enjoy it, why do it? That’s what Fiverr’s about! :smiley: If you’re good at/enjoy writing, research writing gigs and see what other people are charging e.g. 50 words per $5, undercut it if you’re new e.g. 200 words per $5 (you can always change it later but this will get you your first few sales). You’re also likely to be on the front page for a day or two. Think of extras you can add and think how you can make your gig stand out from others (even if it’s just with your image). Having a low delivery day grabs peoples attention too, but make sure it’s realistic and suitable with the different time zones etc.

I wouldn’t look at the que on gigs… See how many they’ve completed instead. I’ve completed over 3300 orders but my que is rarely over 4 or 5 as I clear it as fast as I can.

It’s all about creating a gig you enjoy doing. I believe if you’re passionate about doing it, it won’t seem like work, you’ll be happy doing it long term and you’ll be gaining experience in your area of interest :slight_smile:


What to sell?

3 words with million answers :smiley:

Shortest Summary:

Follow these Steps:

  1. Decide to sell what you think you can do best Lets Say you can DO “X” and you are expert in it.
  2. Go to fiverr Take a look at All the categories and fit “X” to appropriate Category.
  3. After finding the appropriate category Click on it.
  4. Browse this category find your competition find other gigs, with rating,new.
  5. If you finds the idea is not generating much sales on your competitor’s GIG go to Step 1 Otherwise goto Step 6.
  6. Create your gig, Start Selling :slight_smile:


Great Tips! This is what I always do! Research Then Sell


I already research before selling. But why my gigs still have no visitors? :frowning:

How can I promote my gigs? :frowning:


To decide what to sell you need to look at your life, what you enjoy to do and what you could sell in good conscious. Be inspired by others but don’t copy, you gig must be unique to you and what your passion is. I have a been a genealogist for over 30 years so I help people start their family trees, I know NOTHING about backlinks, SEO, blackmarket or any of that stuff, so what should I choose, where my passion is, family trees


You can do various of things. Just click the Surprise button and see other’s gig. You might come up with your own refreshing creative idea.

All the best mate!


The best thing to do is be original, be creative, and be able to draw in attention. Also make sure your samples, your keywords, and description are able to attract customers. People get bored easy and go on to the next person quick. people also don’t want to wait forever for a gig either, it’s like waiting for a sundae or a coffee. if it’s more than 5 minutes it’s too long. when you do a gig if it’s more than 10 days, unless it takes awhile to produce or you have a lot of orders…it’s too long. Creating a large lead time to build a large queue is not always the best way to get sales. it can make a lot of revenue from people wanting express orders, but many people are only patient for so long.



From my own experience, i choose a niche i knows better. I never followed the crowd For example, from my research i noticed that 80% of fiverr members are on traffic niche.

Be your self. Dont copy others!

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Analysis the curves of time.

Then predict what will be good.

Imagine if Einstein was on Fiverr. lol


Of course you have to be skilled at whatever it is you are offering, but another thing to consider is your location and what your location may have to offer. I live in Hawaii and my gigs are targeted to mostly beach, travel, and island theme projects. Look around where you live and see what unique feature of your state or town you could incorporate into your gig. Do you live near the Statue of Liberty, Mt Rushmore, Yosemite, Six Flaggs? Think of ways you could use that to your “gig advantage”.


Reply to @kymmypops: You said it, girl! I actually get contacted quite a lot because I have some rare gigs that others around aren’t able to provide. So try to be unique instead of another copycat.


Thanks for your message. Pls, I joined fiverr couple of days ago and i have not got any visitor. What should i do? Pls Advice


Thanks for sharing helping information. I think it will help all new seller.


Reply to @profitablegig4u: Be patient. Fiverr ™ currently has 1.3 million gigs and is adding 4000 new ones per day. It might take awhile for buyers to find yours. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, use what you have to promote yourself - Facebook, Twitter, people you know in real life. And use these forums to get tips and advice. You have to advertise and promote your Fiverr ™ work exactly the same way you’d promote any other work.

Good luck!


And don’t copy someone else’s idea: it’s not always fair and you won’t get as many buyers! Think up an original idea and you’ll have a bigger share of the market :slight_smile:


Reply to @asyahrul: I have to say, I love your profile pic! Conan is very awesome.


Its great to see info… Thank You