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How to choose your key words for your listing

Make sure to choose words that people looking for the item or service you are selling would use.

Ask your friends and family what words come to mind when they think of the product or service

that you are offering for consumers. You want to make sure not to use industry jargon for your

listing. Make sure to be user friendly and make it easy for the people looking for you to be able

to find what you are offering. Also pay attention to what is trending on yahoo and google. Incorporating

these terms in your listing will bring more traffic to you. Good luck and Sell A Lot!

I have a problem with uploading two more pics on the gig gallery; it just won’t let me do it And I can’t get the third key word onto the site so I can save and get on with it

just check the format of image you are trying to upload. Make sure it is in JPG and png format.