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How to claim the refund for completed Gig?

I have bought a gig of $100 for a month project from a seller recently.
The seller wanted me to complete order within 7 days even for one month project.
Reason being was that she needs to buy a certain tool to work for the project.
She promised to deliver as per gig agreement and thus I decided to do mark as complete.
After one month, she has not delivered anything and keeps saying currently PLS Wait.
The cancellation is not possible because I have marked completion already.
Can anybody help this issue? How to get full refund from her?

Even after marking a gig complete you can usually still ask for a refund. Your problem is more one of how long it’s been since it was marked completed. Sellers can make delivery times as long as a month, so in general, it’s very risky to make any purchase here that can’t be delivered within the promised time.

You can still try contacting Customer Support to ask what is possible. Explain what happened and just ask. Unfortunately they may not be able to refund you but it’s worth a try. If they cannot, they might be willing to prompt the seller to complete the order and if she doesn’t do so, they may decide to take action against the seller.

There are lots of great sellers on Fiverr and no one with buyer/seller best interests in mind want bad active users of any kind. It is also a place where “buyer beware” does apply, though, and it’s best to place small orders with someone you haven’t worked with before and make sure the match is good. Best of luck.

Hi,i do hope you are successful in getting back your money. If a specific tool was needed to do the project then the seller should have had it at hand way before creating the service. Please take caution the next time around and place small orders like fonthaunt said.

Thank you very much for your advise.
I contacted Customer Support two days ago but have not received any feedback from them.
The seller is just a complete liar for any words she has commented. She has left messages several times on the communication dialogue that the full refund will be made unless the delivery is matched in one month. I hope the customer support will be in touch with me and I can show all the evidence on how she have not deliver and tricked on me.
Thanks again.

If customer support are not in touch with you by the end of the week you should try again.