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How to close order with bad buyers!?

How to close order with bad buyers without losing ? as you know its a market and sometimes you find someone want to build a whole company with the 5$ :slight_smile: so do any one know the best way to do it

You can request mutual cancellation. If the buyer agrees, they get their money back and there is no penalty for you. You won’t be able to keep the payment, but at least you won’t have to deal with that buyer if you don’t want to.

There are two ways to deal with these kinds of buyers:

  1. Try to kill them with customer service kindness and try to understand them. Sometimes it’s a lack of communication or misinterpretation of specifics.
  2. Try a mutual cancellation.
  3. If the buyer refuses to mutually cancel, then contact customer service and ask them to cancel on your behalf.

Just make sure you have been reasonable in your communication and not antagonistic toward the buyer. I’d try #1 first and if that doesn’t work move to #2 and #3.

Nice but Still I do lose time

Thanks Ron will try

From the buyers perspective, be as accurate as possible during the negotiation stage and get in writing where any lines get drawn. Then you and the buyer have a set of rules to work by and closing/ getting paid is easier.

Try to be kind and patient at first. Communicate effectively with the buyer. If they are still giving you the run around and you dont think you can complete the order to meet their expectations then respectfully request a mutual cancellation. Pretty much what’s said above.

Well it’s really an important subject to talk about actually… It happens with me a lot sometimes when I don’t know how to deal with buyers. It’s like they don’t care about the gig and I hate when they don’t open their account for a long time… it’s like you are just waiting and wasting your time, and the order will marked as “Late” the red words make me tense dude =P

I hope all the best to you!
Thank you.

I always try to be polite as possible.

Yes… you lost your time in that project but still mutual cancellation will also save your future time which will get lost if you remain stuck in that project only…just cancel it or ask customer support …Let them handle this…

There’s nothing you can do about it. You lose some, you win some.

Thanks a lot

that would help

you are right

Thanks Dana sure that helps

Thanks Dana

Thanks for Advice John

Cancellation together is the solution.

If the buyer does that to a lot of sellers. Their account will be blocked by security fiverr.

Buyers spam ultimately blocked and their ip will be blocked.

I want to share my experience. Recently I have delivered to a buyer what he want but two days have been passed and he didn’t response. I wonder whether he is alive or not! But my sell is not showing completed. Dont know what to do!

It will be automatically marked complete after 3 days. There are buyers who don’t give a darn after they have the delivery and just don’t do nothing.