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How to close time loop-hole without increasing days?

My time frame to finish a single gig is 3 days, but many times buyers buy gigs in bulk but the time frame is still 3 days. I have an extra fast gig for 1 day delivery. Right now I have a buyer for 10 gigs that’s due in 3 days which usually would be 30, without even buying a single extra fast gig. What can I do presently and for the future to make this fair?

There is nothing unfair about this. If a buyer orders multiples, those multiples are still part of a single order. The same is true of an “Extra Fast” service. They are ordering the completion of their entire order within the time-frame that you have set. You will have complete the entire order within that time-frame that you have guaranteed.

In the future, you may want to set your order completion time and “Extra Fast” service for a longer period so that you can ensure that you are able to complete all services within the time that you guarantee to your buyers.

I think Fiverr should let us manage delivery times as a function of the work queue.
Although I don’t have that problem yet :wink: