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How to collaborate on creative work no one can speak?

I understand that fiverr wants to keep all the communication between buyers and sellers within it’s walled garden, but how are people executing creative work or work of any complexity if they are forbidden to communicate verbally?

Am I the only one that wishes to speak on the phone about my subjective impressions of work being done?

I’m not proposing doing business outside of fiverr’s system. I just want to express my needs and opinions to my seller/designer, etc in a phone call, as a dialog.

Am I crazy? How can people get work done like this?

Maybe Fiverr needs to incorporate the skype or goog hangouts API into it’s system.

There are plenty of people using Skype within the context of Fiverr gigs that require it. All you need is permission. Fiverr forbids it unless it is considered necessary for the gig. For example, if someone offers a 15 minute language lesson, verbal contact is usually done through Skype. Anything that isn’t necessary through Skype should still be done within Fiverr to avoid the appearance of rule-breaking and of course, payment info given outside Fiverr will get you banned in a hurry.

You could submit a ticket to Customer Support (it’s in the upper right-hand corner) and explain why Skype is necessary for your gig. If they agree, they’ll give you permission. You’ll still have to be a bit careful when using the inbox to message since words like Skype can auto-trigger a flag. Just use attachments or words like Skipe or Sk**e to exchange that info to avoid the auto-flag system.

Even though inbox messages are reviewed by a human being if someone reports a problem, as long as you have permission you are covered. They way it’s written in the ToS is that contact info can’t be exchanged “in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform” and they can’t be sure why you are exchanging that info unless you let them know.