How to collect revenues on Fiverr?


The most asked question these days is "how to collect Earned money on fiverr ? "

I am level 2 seller. Many newbies and Level 1 sellers asked me this question on some social networking websites. It is not the thing to worry at all. Payoneer is your online bank who supports fiverr revenue card. You can have your fiverr money by following the below mentioned process :

Create an account on Payoneer

Apply for the Master card. (Put the shipping address correctly)

Receive and activate the Card

Connect that to Fiverr

Go to ATM and have your money.



You make it seem so easy! I guess it is but you have to pay close attention to some details. But there are some glitches in them that some persons do not pay attention to, like for example when you connect the card some people do not check their emails to see if the notification has arrived, they will come and say well I click withdraw and dont see any money.