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How to come on top in fiverr search?


Hi everyone,

I am wondering what are the most effective ways or tricks to get on top in fiverr search ?

Is it the rating ?

Is it the description ?

The keywords ?

Amount of orders ?

Fiverr level ?

Thank you !


Your Rating and sales all help you alot in Fiverr. I am new to Fiverr, i have 5 gigs and 1 has a sale in one of them. The gig with one sale has made alot more impressions by Fiverr then my other gigs.


So the amount of orders definitely play a major role in fiverr search.


You are going to have to:

  • Use Correct Keywords
  • Avoid Negative Feedback
  • Describe Your Gig Correctly
  • Receive Constant Sales

    Although I’m no expert yet, I have learned a thing or two. So try those methods I just appointed to you and see what happens.


Just do it.


Reply to @technoward74: Why don’t you GTFOH already. You keep talking about this fgig thing, but you have nothing in your account. No Gigs, No Sales, NOTHING.

Why not show us FIRST that your so called system works then come and talk about how you did it?

Until then, STHU…

You make it sound so easy when there are REAL people here in the forum with REAL problems right now with getting orders, I’m one of them. Have not received an order in over a week and have no idea why.

When us REAL people see someone like you in here bloating about nothing, it just pisses everyone off.