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How to comment on a gig

i did a gig the other day and didnt got any clicks or anyting so i was going to comment something on my gig with my account for commenting so i though it was because it was my own gig either way i wasnt going to put something fake just going to explain something. So i did another account and went to my gig but i still coudlnt xomment anything could you guys help me? Is it because i first have to buy it???

You don’t get to comment on gigs - it’s not a bug.

Buyers can leave reviews after they’ve bought a gig, together with a star rating system.

Here’s a free Learn With Fiverr course that will bring you up to date:


thx a looooooooooooot

Do you mean you now have 2 accounts? If so you shouldn’t really.

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Oh - deactivate and delete the second account. Having two accounts will get you banned before you start, Just as UK1000 says.


ok ill make sure…

Thank you for your good suggestion.

Read the ToS.

Consider this: why would Fiverr let you have more than one account and why would they make it possible for you to pretend to be someone else “commenting” on your gig – which isn’t even possible?

That’s fraud and an irrational trick. Why would Fiverr allow you to commit fraud? It’s not a gig. They have systems in place to prevent people from gaming the system.

Tricks don’t get sales. Meeting the demands of your target audience gets sales.

You won’t succeed until you stop playing tricks and start researching and adapting your offerings to your market.

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thx, i deleted the account

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Thats great to know that you delete the another account. Now you safe… Happy freelancing…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Yes this is great platform with honest posts