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How to communicate across cultures and countries when doing business on Fiverr

I block anyone who calls me that. I get called that occasionally on fiverr and it sends a cold chill over me. I do an involuntary shiver and hit the block button.

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And by the way, you will frequently see me on the forums calling out other Americans and Brits for giving people a hard time about their grammar, etc. I hate that shit. That wasn’t my point at all though :woman_shrugging:

And when does this happen in real life?

I’m British. Dear was never used as a gender specific identifier. Dear is a term of endearment. Never have I heard Dear be used in a derogatory way anywhere. You have said you have asked your girlfriends how they would feel if they were called Dear. This implies they haven’t been but need to think about how they would feel if they had.

I don’t personally work with anyone who addresses me as Dear on Fiverr. (Because yes, people using this term use it when communicating with both men and women.)

I don’t because past experiences have taught me that when non-native English language proficient people order native English writing. things tend to get a bit hairy. Never have I interpreted someone addressing me as Dear offensive.

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Ok I made it all up, it actually doesnt feel gross at all and I love it.


:grin: Are you a water sign? Water flows around an immovable obstacle. Very nice!

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Based on the N model, I say we call it “The D-word” and make a rule not to use it on Fiverr anymore. Put it in ToS and be done with it :slight_smile:

Oh Dear, how this will solve all Fiverr problems.


I think this has become a thing because of the SJWs out there, who consider any form of endearment from men to be condescending.

I’m against the whole use of “dear” etc. myself, but not because it is condescending to anyone. I think the world is full of snowflakes, to be honest. But simply put, I find the use of “dear” in professional conversations to be simply unprofessional. I don’t think the people using it mean to be condescending - at least not in the case we’re discussing here. There are other use cases for the word, but in this matter, it is about being polite yet professional in your communications.

I can’t speak for the people who take such a big issue with this, because I just don’t get how people can manage to take offense by “Hi dear”. Is it unprofessional? Yes. Condescending? No. But like I said, the world is full of snowflakes.


:joy: oh god. Y’all are on facebook too much.

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Was I being too harsh on you for using the word easily offended individuals? :rofl:

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Please don’t refer to anyone or any groups, even if speaking in broad generalized terms, in derogatory ways or use derogatory terms.

Yes :’( pwease pwease say u didn’t mean it mister, I just dont know what I’ll do :’(

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Haha! At least you’ve got humour, dear.

I love everybody on this forum. U can’t make me hate u by calling me names :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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I don’t know how to flag comments so it wasn’t me, but also I was joking, so…

Please stop using derogatory terms for anyone. Or any groups. We have forum rules that forbid that. Thank you.

Me too. It was all in good humour. But someone didn’t like that. Also, I’m not talking about any group, I’m just saying the world is full of easily offended individuals. That’s not derogotary towards any group, unless the people that might be considered easily offended individuals are now organized into a group.

I’m not sure why you continue to use that word but it’s not nice. Can you please stop. It’s hateful.

Sorry. From now on I’ll use the term "easily offended individuals. "

But yet you can brand the entire population post-colonial countries prejudiced?

I love your logic.

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