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How to communicate in a professional way?

I got 2 clients a few days back. They messaged me but didn’t give me an order. So can y’all please guide me If a client message you how to communicate well ?

hello wardiva
first of all you need to say

  1. (hello wardive (client name) how are you)
  2. how can i help you sir/madam
  3. if a client says e.g wordpress login issue (so talk only to the point don’t make type long paragraph)
  4. always mention whats the problem and whats kind of steps you will follow to fix the error
  5. always tel client what kind of access you will need for this work (e.g cpanel, admin login etc) if client willing to give you so he will give order or will cancel it. (its all about trust )
  6. always ask client about there time frame for job
  7. give less time to client and try to done your work more quickly then time
  8. always polite to clients
  9. done maximum work, as much as client wants.
  10. be professional in work and in chat
    these are some tips from my side.

Gotcha. Thankyousomuch!

Don’t do the “sir/madam” thing. It immediately makes people tense up. It’s not culturally/socially required in most of the world.

Prepare a short list of questions that you need to take the job. Check your spelling, make sure it’s grammatically correct and straight to the point. Be polite.

Be prepared that some people will contact you but will never order. It happens and it’s normal.


Thank you i will try my best next time :slight_smile: