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How to communicate with Buyers/Sellers? :)


Hi everyone,
I am a seller from Sri Lanka. I joined here 4 months ago. Now I am a level 02 seller. :blush: But dealing with buyers, I have no idea how to communicate with them. I think my English is really bad & they will not understand what I am saying. So I still fear to dealing with English. I always try to improve my English knowledge.For an ex: When I am reading the post on the forum, I saw some buyers don’t like the word “dear”. When I am learning about fiverr platform, I saw most people teach address buyers like “Dear madam/sir”.

I really appreciate your advice. :blush: Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards,


Hi there!
Your English looks pretty good to me, don’t be afraid to do mistakes at the beginning, we all do (the non-English speakers). You seem an intelligent guy, just don’t be shy :+1:
Regarding the “dear” issue, it’s not a big deal: just don’t use any adjective if you believe your client would not like it. You need to be pragmatic, be professional and honest and everything will go fine. There is no real need to call your clients “dear”, “honorable”, “respectable” and so on… I never do that and I think I do pretty good with my clients.
But most of all, do not be afraid, you’ll make mistakes like we all do. The important is to learn from them :+1:


@wuerz123 Thank you very much for your advice :slight_smile: It’s really helpful for me. :blush:


Regarding the use of dear and such, Zoe, have you seen the below forum thread? It contains a lot of opinions regarding this word and others, from both sellers and buyers (if you read that thread, do expect both serious and funny posts, people just can’t help themselves):


Thank you for your link:) I read that. That’s a very helpful conversation. :blush: