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How to communicate with the buyer so that will buy from us

Tell me something to communicate effectively with the buyer so that they will surely buy

Effective communication between buyer and seller is hugely important. Always be professional and maintain an open, honest and friendly tone. Explain things very clearly so that everyone knows where they stand. Above all, the buyer needs to be able to trust you with their project so make sure that you can show you understand the brief and are competent and capable.

I have many buyers asking for my services but then dont came back to buy my gigs why so

There is no sure way. I see that you write with incorrect punctuation, grammar and spelling errors. That will make some buyers afraid to work with you. You probably need to take some online or offline classes to improve your English. In the meantime get a friend to help you write or hire a native speaker for help. You can also try to find buyers who share your own native language.

I have learnt that as much as fiverr is an automated buying platform, buyers want to feel that whoever they are dealing with understands their needs and has the expertise to execute the job. Be yourself, honest and let the buyer know what exactly what you do.

Effective communication means welcoming the
customer when you first meet them. It means
letting them know you know what you are

That they can delegate the gig to you and go to
sleep. It means coming back to them if you
don’t understand any part of the given

Effective communication is generally ensuring
your client is happy, satisfied and looking
forward to buying more gigs from you.

This is hard to swallow but true from a buyer’s perspective - if anything about your presentation sounds or looks like you are just another person off from the street, sorry I am not buying. You can’t blame me for wanting to reduce my buying risk as much as possible, there are just too many scams out there!

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Reply to @rajat11: Add more image for your gig and improve your gig description.

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