How to compete with 3rd World Country seller who do everything for just $5?


Fiverr now allow us set price more than $5 for a gig, I upgraded to GigPackages and it doing fine for me.

Recently I saw some seller from third world country offering HIGH QUALITY service in my category for $5! I bet it took them at least 2 hours in-order to finish THAT $5 gig.

Well it’s not any one fault, I just feel a little bit unfair that we’re in 1st or 2nd country which high in expenses $5 to us is really not much.

How you guys think about this?


Believe it or not it might work against him to offer that gig for just $5.

Sometimes a higher price makes people know it is a very high quality product.


yeah I know its a problem but you are top rated seller you can make it work :slight_smile: upload more then 1 gig and show buyers more of your art.


Don’t compete with them. Simple.


Never worry about your competition if you know you are the best. Works for me.


You know that you’ll always have those working for less to get to your position. However, one key thing is quality over quantity. You shouldn’t have to worry much. We love your work by the way!


Love that portrait of Hillary Clinton! YOur work is the best I’ve seen.


Your work is phenomenal.
There are thousands of people who will offer average work for low money. They exist in every category. Many sellers offer “the same gig” as me for one tenth of the price. Should I lower my price? No, I know what I offer and I know what they offer. I believe I am worth the price and my clients agree.
There are not many people who offer your quality and few, if any, who will do it for $5. Just keep your standard high, don’t be tempted to lower your quality to enable quicker turnaround. Make sure your communication is good and clear and your clients will have no reason to look elsewhere.


You need to study the Law of Demand and Supply…(Adam Smith, the Economist belonged to 1st world country), then you will never use the word “third world” for your competitors.