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How to complain about support team member?

I asked a question to a support team member, in the clearest and simplest way possible. I tried to rephrase my question in every possible way, and in the end I got exasperated. Where do I send a written complaint to Fiverr about someone in their team? What is the complaint policy ABOUT Fiverr? Hope that makes sense…simple question, right? I am asking where to send a written complaint about the organization in question. Does anyone here knows? Thanks.


Usually some days after “solving” the issue, you get an email asking you how you liked the support you received. If you select you were unsatisfied, you can type a reason for it. Although usually when an issue has not been solved, I don’t receive the option to do so.

Only way to contact Fiverr (That I know of) is to use the ticket system, so that is your best bet. Just have to hope the person you’re complaining about is not the one answering your ticket, or that would serve little purpose!

But most businesses should have a physical address too, especially big ones like Fiverr. So would need to do some digging.


I can’t answer your questions but I’m just generally curious: what was your question and what was Fiverr Support response?


Dear mariashtelle1,

I will gladly satisfy your curiosity. It was exactly the same problem you solved in my other thread. And in your apt words, as being a simple one.

I have now gone as far as giving the link to your answer to the ‘support team’ member. It’s astonishing how, when you find new people, it is impossible to put across your message, even though you think you have done so in the simplest and clearest way, in a language they supposedly understand.

This really blows my mind. Thanks again.

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thank you for the tip. I will fairly give the feedback once I receive the email. That’s good enough for me, I really don’t want to waste more time with the ‘support member’, I just wanted to solve my problem. But as I found his lack of reasonable competence exasperating, I worried that I could have had my account suspended, which would be regrettable, as I came on Fiverr with my best and genuine intentions.

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here I will copy and paste the convo with ‘support team’, at this point I will post it here and try to analyze it. It would be interesting to have your input on my analysis, if you wish to add one. Admittedly, I am guilty of a severe dislike of having to repeat myself. I believe life is short and repeating yourself isn’t a good way to spend it. I believe I am a reasonable person, but my patience isn’t infinite. I am not perfect, but in general I try my best in most endeavours.

Here it is.

Me: how do I view the gigs I created? I can’t find them

Support Member: Hi there,

I hope you are having a great day. May I have the link of the gig you are not able to find?

(Now, I thought the answer wasn’t very rational. After all, I asked how to find something I had lost, right?)

Me: are you serious? I am saying: ‘I can’t find my gigs’ and you ask me a link for them? Thanks for the comedy, my friend, I must admit it is amusing.

(My irony was probably unnecessary, but…I could not resist)

Me: It’s as if someone had said: ‘I can’t find my car keys’ and you had asked them to drive their car anyways.

SM: Hi again,

I’ve searched for your gig and I was able to find it, see attachment.

Keep in mind that a gig placement may appear different to different users and to anyone browsing Fiverr with or without being logged in. Also, we can’t guarantee placement of gigs.

Me: ok, let me try to rephrase the problem: once I create a gig, how do I view it? Where do I click? I though I had to click on ‘dashboard’, but when I do I only see a link to ‘upgrade my business’.
Like I said, I can’t find my gigs.

SM:We have provided you proof that your Gigs are on search and active. Keep in mind that when you create a new Gig it needs to be approved by our Editorial Team, this process can take a couple of days so you won’t be able to find them on search immediately after the Gig is created.

Me: my friend , you don’t get it. I have created these gigs weeks ago and I have viewed them already weeks ago. For the 3rd time: I cannot find them anymore. How to I view my gigs? Jesus Christ, give me a break. First you asked me proof of something I can’t find, then you gave me proof of something that is not approved, etc. What are you talking about? I have said: I click on my dashboard and there’s a message about upgrading the business! And that’s all I can see! I have clicked everywhere! If the gigs are active then HOW DO I ACCESS THEM. Jesus Christ.

so what if you can find the gigs in the searches? I don’t access my own gigs in a search, I have to do it from my account to edit them etc. Until some weeks ago there was something there that showed all my gigs at once and gave me information about the views ,etc. I can’t find this anymore. How do I access it? Thanks.
I did not say : ‘I can’t find my gigs IN THE SEARCHES’ , I meant I cannot find them from within my ACCOUNT.

SM: Hi again,

I think that you are not understanding, I did not mention or meant to mention that your Gigs were under review. As mentioned to you before, and provide you proof your Gigs are available on search and active.

Me: Ok, I give up. I think you are too stupid to deal with. You are unable to understand clear and simple questions. I have been repeating the same things over and over. I tried to explain my problem in every possible way, and you keep coming back with dim and stupid answers. It’s unfortunate that you can exasperate users like that. Sorry, but people’s patience is not unlimited. I will close this request and open it again elsewhere just to get rid of you, in the hope that someone more intelligent can read and understand the nature of my problem.

Not really a good way to talk to anyone.

Anyway, what happens if you click your profile image in the top right corner, and then on “Profile”? You should be able to see your profile page, including all your active gigs there.

When you want to find your gigs to edit them, you can click the gig on your profile page and then the button “Edit Gig”.

Or click “Gigs” from the top menu. You’ll get a list of your gigs, there are tabs where you can switch from active gigs to drafts, paused gigs, etc. On the right side there is a small arrow downwards, if you click that, you’ll get options like Edit, Pause, Delete, …


Well to be honest I would disagree with your tone there.

Even if someone doesn’t understand me I’m still remaining professional. Calling support stupid would not help to resolve the case :wink:



‘‘Not really a good way to talk to anyone.’’

I agree. But basic commons sense requires that I must be reasonable, not infinitely patient. I try my best to express my thought in a clear and adequate way. Then, if required, I try to do it again. But I can’t keep doing it forever. I don’t have patience with people who waste my time, sorry.

True, I am not the most patient person in the world. But no one is. I am not the best, but still not the worst.

As for my problem, it was resolved in SECONDS by another user, who in her own words was a simple problem to solve.


I agree. This type of base behaviour, however, is present in all of us when we get exasperated, especially when one is dealing with a lot of hard life stuff. I am no exception, unfortunately.

Plus, on a philosophical level, why would I give a support team a different answer than I would give to anyone else?

But yes, it’s a bad choice and a bad negotiation strategy. I will try to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

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What I found truly irritating, was that the SM was mentioning everything else, except how to simply view my gigs in my account. Things I never asked about or cared about, such as:

whether or not the search is active

whether or not it appears in searches

whether or not it is approved

and, as if that wasn’t enough, I was the one who could not ‘understand’, such as…not understanding answers that are not pertinent to my question, perhaps.

As a human being, my duty is to be reasonable, not infinitely patient. I have a vast trading experience, I almost never incurred in problems such as the one mentioned above. I try my best to be reasonable, but there’s a limit. Being fake comes very hard to me, which, admittedly, can work against myself. I suppose it’s both a curse and a blessing.

Anyways, all is well what ends well.

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You need to find, well, formulas when your patience ends.
There are not many alternatives in this world, unfortunately, other than being a fundamentalist on a desert island.


Mariashtelle 1,

I mean, I had repeatedly mentioned that I was clicking on ‘dashboard’ to try to find the gigs, and I could not see them anywhere.

The SM could simply have said: 'No, you don’t access your gigs through the dashboard, there’s another link there, it’s called…wait for it…‘GIGS’. ‘’

But no, instead he had to ramble on and on about everything else that was irrelevant. Except the one thing that was. I believe the SM did it on purpose, and my response was a direct result of this. The SM should have asked someone else in their team if my query was not understood, instead he simply continued to mention stuff I didn’t care about, and thus waste my time.
No one likes to feel like they are wasting their time, and I am no different.

I get it, it is one of the most annoying effects of the responsive CSS used for the seller dashboard. Under a certain screen size the top bar (the one with the “messages”, “orders” and “gigs” links) disappears, you have to zoom out to see it again.


Well, I guess it’s probable that the support person didn’t think about that being your issue at all because it’s so easy to find how to find/edit a gig by simply clicking around a bit.


I agree, but what about when you explain the same things over and over and rephrase the same question in different ways, over several days, and it STILL does not help resolve the case? :rofl:
Sorry, again… I could not resist. PS. thanks very much for your help before, I think I was lucky to find you. You came, you sorted it. If only there would be a few millions more like you.

Try to stay cool, otherwise you just stressing yourself out. Send them a screenshot so they see you cant see and edit your gigs.


I’m sorry but even if you try to complain about the CS agent who tried to help you, all that will likely happen is that they will be commended for keeping their cool with you. Your tone throughout your interactions with CS was very antagonistic from the start.

You might not appreciate what I have said above. However, even just starting out a message with: “Hi, I have a problem and I hope that you can help,” makes a world of difference.,

I’m actually surprised that you have been able to go so far as to say this and not receive a warning for being aggressive.

That aside, what seems to have happened here is simple. CS get hundreds of messages from sellers complaining that they can’t find their gigs in the Fiverr search.

Here, you haven’t clarified the fact that you are trying to find your gigs via your dashboard settings. Nor have you stated whether you are using the Fiverr mobile app or the desktop version of Fiverr.

Given the above, (and considering that CS deals with hundreds of requests from non-native English speakers which they have to interpret as best they can on a daily basis), they have clearly assumed that you are trying to find your gigs in the search.

Here, rather than perhaps try restate your question more clearly, you have jumped feet first into being insulting. This simply isn’t an appropriate way to speak to anyone.

Despite your tone, your CS agent has remained civil and still tried to help.

This is fine. However, in any real world or online context, your way of communicating leaves a lot to be desired. For the sake of any potential success which you might hope to have on Fiverr, I would recommend that you brush up on your etiquette and practice stating things as politely and as clearly as possible in future. If not, you could very well put your account itself in jeopardy.


It would have been easier just to look on the forum for ‘missing menu’ - there are several threads where users have had a similar problem, and the solution’s been given to them.

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Adding to this, I understand that they are CS and they are supposed to help but I think they expect that people alredy know how to navigate through the site not trying to be rude but is one of the most basic things here.