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How to complain for a buyer in fiverr when pushes me to outside of fiverr marketplace

I am complete my buyer order but he not accepted my delivery. he told me to do another task in this project I also do that but he told or work for her. but I am not agree this work then he accept my delivery but treating me to give a bad review if i not work in out side of fiver.
I am not working with his buyer outside of fiverr. and he left a bad review and told me another two review he give me like this. please help me how can I complain in fiver about the buyerr


As an example, Fiverr did not support to me any allegation against the buyer. Fiverr always support to the buyer 99% and support to seller 1%.

Not true.

You can press a report grey button next to each message.
You can also open a ticket with fiverr support stating that your client broke fiverr TOS by blackmailing you and by asking to work outside of fiverr


It may be the case that Fiverr treats the buyers better than the sellers. But, you are advised to report a buyer whenever he/she goes against Fiverr TOC, such as demanding for the work to be done outside of Fiverr.

Some buyers do this for a couple of negative or positive reasons;

Some positive reasons
-To escape the percentage to be added by Fiverr on the buyer.
-To be freer with the seller alongside contact him/her at will outside Fiverr.

Some negative reasons
-To have enough reason to deal with the seller by not paying fully before the work commences, and getting away with the rest when the job is done.
-To practically threaten the seller to do more work outside the workflow, and a lot more negative thoughts.

However, ensure not to use any negative word on the buyer when explaining that his/her request is against Fiverr TOC.

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You can contact Customer Support, explain your situation and show them screenshots of the conversation between you and the buyer.

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You don’t have any negative reviews.

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he told me he give a bad review and I am not response this review it not public now

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If you don’t respond, it will show on your profile 10 days after you got it, and when it does, you won’t be able to respond to it and tell your side of the story.


He does now. It was given 4 hours ago. The OP gave the buyer a 1 :star: review and explained the situation in detail.

Do as @mariashtelle1 and @getty_webdesign suggested. Contact CS and tell them of your situation. Be sure to send them screenshots of your conversation where he asked you to work off Fiverr and threatened you.

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You must get good support from fiverr support. Clearly you discuss about your issue to fiverr support. I hope fiverr support 100% help you any issue to fix on time.
Thank you.

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