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How to complain or resove Ordered Gig Issue?


Dear Community,
I would happy if someone guide or connect proper place where I can complain & resolved ordered gig issue.
I am using Fiverr App and I can’t find support or fiverr help options.
I order gig seller deliver quickly order service to fulfill deadline but it wasn’t as requested. I ask to make as per request and modification, seller than taking too long time more than week but not delivering gig. I messaged seller but since 3 days he isn’t reverting too.

How & Where I complain and get back refund so use that amount with other seller?

Your early revert will appreciated.




go to website > notification icon > your order

when your order page open, click on resolve order ar right hand side,
then submit your problems to fiverr coustomer support.


You can contact support at


Thanks you for your help, appreciate it.


Thank you for your help, appreciate the same.


most welcome
i love this community