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How to complete fiverr's new user tutorial?


Hey guys i am checking the badges of forum and i have noticed my new user tutorial is unchecked that means i hav’nt completed that step but i am not sure how to do can anyone help me in this please?

NEW SELLERS - Introduce Yourself Here :two:.:zero:

Message @discobot :joy:


@n4y33m whats that ? i was expecting a guidline not a silly smiley


i need some information please i am really not understanding how to do that.


Send a PM to @discobot, it’s that simple


@discobot quote for them!


If you mean the guidelines you just have to read them.


Somehow that bot did not reply me! I’m broke. :sob:


read to what ?
m not getting you would you please explicit to me?


sorry to hear that but i will try it


I think you have already read the guidelines so ignore that. Suggest you search new user tutorial in the search bar above.


okie dokie thanks bro


@ubaidhussain do you get your solution here?


no i don’t not sure how to complete that, would i have to watch the demo videos or what?


I’ve no idea about this. If you get any solution, inform me.
Thank you.


same here mate i am looking to find the solution will let you know if i would be able to do it


maybe this can help



Any ideas about how to complete the tutorial?



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.