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How to complete milestone

So I’ve divided a big order into milestones (Not doing that again, I’ve learned from that mistake), but now I’ve completed the first milestone. Do I need to send it via the “Deliver Now” button, so I can start the second milestone? Or will this complete the whole order? I’m so confuse…


It is explained here:

I’m either blind, stupid or both because I’ve read it 3 times ( I read that article before posting here) and watched the video twice. And I’m still not sure. So I’m guessing it’s the buyer who marks it as done, so I can move to the next one? And only at the end of all milestones I click the Deliver Now button and send all the files?

  1. Buyers will be charged for the 1st Milestone when placing the order. For future Milestones, they will be charged again automatically for the next Milestone each time they choose to accept a delivered Milestone.

The above is from the article

Check out this post: https: //