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How to compose a wining bid/ proposal?

I’m poor in composing good proposal or winning bids for buyers request. Every time I send offer I feel like its useless :slight_smile:
Need good tips which will actually works .
Any secret tips to share ?


I think you need to look at how your competitors are doing it.

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Check this out:


Some tips for you.

  1. Read buyer requirement before send request.
  2. Write about your work experience.
  3. Write about how you do the project and what you use for do the project.
  4. Ask questions about buyer project.
  5. Don’t copy paste one script all the time.

I do read the requirements and never copy paste the same words ,I always write according to the requirements but I usually don’t write about my experiences etc instead I prefer to write to the point short bid

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thanks for sharing the article

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I used to freelance at another online platform where I purposely “low-balled” my bids.

What I did was look at what the Buyer budget was, factor in how long it would take me to complete the job and if I could do it for half price (half of the Buyer’s budget) and still be okay, I would submit that as my bid.

It meant that I was rather picky about the jobs I bid on (translation: I did not bid on EVERY job).

It worked for me and I got a lot of work and good ratings.

After about a year of that, I changed my rates and quit bidding on work at such a low rate…but as a beginner, it worked great.


Thank you for your tip , will surely follow