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How to connect new PayPal account with Fiverr account?

I created a PayPal account so I could accept payments. Due to a problem I’d like to delete my PayPal account and create a new one. How can I connect the new PayPal account with my Fiverr account?

Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks a lot!


Clink on PayPal icon on your earnings page and follow instructions on your e-mail.

I suggest you to first confirm your PP account before adding it as a withdrawal method.

I have linked my PayPal account with my Fiverr account. The problem is, that I want to unlink this PayPal account and add a new one.

Then you should contact Customer Support and explain your problem.

Go to Settings>>Billing>>PayPal for withdrawals. You can remove/replace the old one with new PayPal. But as Odal said, you should verify your PayPal account before attaching with Fiverr.

Click on your profile then Settings>Billing >’‘you will get an option’’ ‘‘PAYPAL FOR WITHDRAWALS’’ click on change. You will receive an email which you already added before… click on the verification link then you can add a new PP mail. hope you get the answer.

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I followed your steps but when I clicked on the “change” button nothing happend

When I click the “change” button nothing happens

Changing Your PayPal Email
Once you have available funds for withdrawal, you can define your PayPal account. A link to change your PayPal email information will appear on the Billing page after you have defined it.

To change the PayPal email associated with your account:
Once logged in, click your username and then click Settings > Billing.
In the PAYPAL FOR WITHDRAWALS area, click Change to change the email in your profile associated with PayPal.
The Phone Verification Required window appears.
Enter the verification code you receive, and then click Submit Code.
An email with instructions will be sent to your PayPal email. For security reasons, updating your PayPal email will disable PayPal withdrawals on the account for 24 hours.
Click the link in the email you receive to update your PayPal email on your Fiverr account.
From the Change PayPal Address page, enter the new PayPal email address you would like to associate with your account.

Note: You will need to be logged in to access the Change PayPal Address page.

Click Save Changes. if need any kind of more help you can search by clicking on ? ican in account setting