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How to...: connect Paypal to your account, withdrawl your funds, and about Fiverr Revenue card


We’ve seen numerous posts asking how to connect paypal to my fiverr account as well as how to withdrawl funds.

Simply follow these instructions and you can master it in minutes…


On your dashboard there is a button that reads “SALES”

  • Sales

    On the right side of the page there are many buttons, clik on Revenues

    – Revenue

    Now you have a list of all your funds in your account. You must have cleared funds (available funds) to withdraw miney from your fiverr account.

    You should see a paypal button next to “withdraw”

    — Withdraw

    The Paypal bytton must not be faded (if it’s faded it’s becuase you don’t have any available funds yet to withdraw.)

    ---- Paypal button

    Once you click on the button you’ll get a page with the text: "Configure your Paypal account"


    Fiverr Revenue card

    Get your revenues on our super hot plastic!

    Supported through Payoneer and powered by MasterCard, the Fiverr Revenue Card brings your revenues to the palm of your hand, anywhere you go.

    Best of luck

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Why do the instructions stop? I saw the paypal instructions up to that point too and filled in the details and checkbox then clicked “connect to paypal”. Nothing happened - money was not transferred to paypal. Is there more directions after this?


Reply to @chiropractor: Maybe you got an e-mail with a confirmation that you overlooked? Have you checked your e-mail that is connected to the paypal account?


Reply to @chiropractor: You must make sure that your email affilated with your paypal is what you connected.

:slight_smile: Joe


MY PAYPAL BUTTON IS FADED AND I do HAVE MONEY AVAILABLE TO WITHDRAW. This is getting frustrating! I LOVE Fiverr but I can’t keep producing money and not be able to withdraw it. HELP!



Reply to @mrssingmeasong: If there are available funds to withdraw the button will not be faded.

Please check it the orders have been processed (it takes 14 days)

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Reply to @kjblynx: On my end it works!

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Reply to @kjblynx: You are correct. Would you agree of fiverr having a specific page for reported bugs that way it won’t spam the forums with many postings and will keep people more calm upon getting this issue?

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Reply to @kjblynx: I can understand…

Well it’s not for discussion yet I don’t think fiverr wants to handle every single bug issue. Having it posted would just make things easier on both sides.

On the other hand (the support area page) it should have the posts in the forums as an actual page, many posts are just similar to existing ones…

Look, I have spoken to one of the forums sheriffs who quit based on that there were to many of the same posts being posted.

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Reply to @kjblynx: Yes. Certainly. I think fiverr should see this.

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