How to construct seller FAQs


I’ve been a top seller for three years, but I just discovered the FAQs option! I’m a voice actor, and lthough it’s specefic to voiceover, I hope my post is relevant to all creatives on our site, and I’d like your review of the three FAQs that I have fashioned. Can I make these more palatable?

  1. Must I pay for revisions?

Unless I misread a script or omit a word, revisions must be paid. Please provide an accurate description of the tone, pace and delivery style that you’d like, as well as pronunciations for acronyms and proper names, and I’ll record my interpretation of your instructions.

  1. Can you improve the English in my script?

Yes, for $5, and I require it, as reading broken English is difficult because it’s not a natural speech pattern. If your script contains invalid English constructions, I’ll correct them and ask you to pay that extra fee.

  1. What is ‘sync to video’?

If you need narration for your video, you may provide me a script with time markers so that I can edit my voiceover to match the timing in your video. I’ll then provide you an audio (MP3) file that you can add to your video in post-production.


Dear Chipper:


I mention these only because if these sorts of typos appear in your profile and gig descriptions, they work against you.

In general, your FAQs seem fine to me, though I do take issue with: “Can you improve the English in my script?”

The way this is worded makes it seem as though you’re just going to make revisions and then charge the Buyer.

My take is you should ASK the Buyer if they want to correct this. They should pay BEFORE you fix it. The way you propose in the FAQ may cause headaches for you, because if you’re lucky, @20% of Buyers will read the gig description, and not as many will read the FAQ.

There may be cases in which the “invalid English constructions” are intentional.

For example, Hee Haw.

Good luck,


FAQ’s are the best! Easy way to anticipate needs and give the answers.


Hi there!

I like your FAQ - particularly the way you explain what sync to video means. I also like the fact that you’ve got the grammar and spelling as a gig extra, should the buyer need it.

I’ve found that since I put FAQs on my gigs, I’m getting far fewer strange questions, orders which have to be cancelled etc., so from my POV, I do think the buyers are reading them.


I love FAQs. :slight_smile:

I’d turn things into positives e.g.

Do you offer revisions?
I don’t include revisions, but I guarantee my work. If I make a mistake I will fix it for free.

Can you improve the English in my script?
Yes, I can. If you already know your script needs improving, please order the custom extra when you place the order. If you’re not sure and you’ve already ordered then I can send a custom extra option in the order if I spot any need for improvements.


Ooh, I like that - some nice suggestions!


Excellent suggestions – thank you all. Here’s my revised FAQ for “Can you improve the English in my script?”
"Yes, and it’s available as a $5 ‘gig extra.’ Reading broken English is difficult for me because it’s not a natural speech pattern. Conversely, correct grammar and usage makes your copy sound more professional, and is easier to read."
BTW, “invalid English constructions” is a gentle euphemism for “mangled syntax.” :joy:


Dear Chipper:

I believe it’s redundant to put “$5” in your FAQ text.

What if you raise the price for the gig extra later, and forget to change it in the FAQ? Changing it in BOTH PLACES seems like so much work! Just thinking about it makes me want to go lie down and take a nap…

Good luck,