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How to contact a buyer directly?


I’ve sent an offer to a buyer and told him to contact me in order to give the file to be proceed; However, I was at the mobile app, and I couldn’t see the attachment!

The attachment itself contains everything I need. So, I want to tell him how long it’ll take and for how much (I told him I don’t know since there’s no file to be seen!). Is there anyway to contact him?

I don’t usually encourage contacting buyers directly out of nowhere, but this is an urgent matter.

Thank you.


You should not be conducting business on Fiverr outside of a Fiverr gig. According to Fiverr’s rules, all purchases should be pursued directly from Fiverr gig pages. And all communication about all orders should be conducted in the buyer/seller order communcation thread. Breaking these rules could result in Fiverr taking negative action against your account.


Seems like I failed to deliver the right question.
I mean to contact them while still in Fiverr, like private messages.
Is it possible here?


Not unless they contact you first (either by messaging you or by placing an order), or unless that buyer is also a seller.


Seems like this is the only way after all…