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How to contact any member without having gig?

If any member without having gig and just a buyer, then no contact button appear.
How can we contact him/her ?

I don’t believe you can, probably because Fiverr doesn’t see any legitimate reason for you to need to contact them. Perhaps to keep down spam?

May I ask why you would want to?

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I don’t believe that’s true. Every buyer who orders from me is directed to message me first before ordering. I have had plenty of buyers who don’t have any gigs that can contact me. On my profile page it says contacts seller.

Reply to @inuratus: She is talking about contacting someone on Fiverr who is not a seller (has no gigs). On their profile, there is no “contact” button.

However, if you are a seller (you DO have gigs on your profile), there is a “contact seller” button on your profile and people (like potential buyers) are able to contact you!

So, buyers are able to contact sellers, no problem. But you cannot contact someone who is not a seller and has no gigs on their profile.


Reply to @prohelper27:

May I ask why you would want to?

  • to promote our gig

Reply to @paperportrait: I believe that is the very reason Fiverr makes it so you can’t message non-sellers.

Messaging them about your gig(s) could be considered spam, as it’s unsolicited.

I’m new to Fiverr and want to contact a seller whom a client worked with in the past, but all we have is her fiverr username/page. Is there a way to message a seller? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

good tips.

@inuratus, i am a buyer, how do I contact a seller.


Reply to @sexypast: you can contact any seller who is having a gig :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, users without a gig cannot be contacted. You could look for if they left a message in this forum and reply hoping they read it, or looking for their username outside of Fiverr.

If you see Facebook and/or Google+ verified, the probability they’re there with that username is high, though I wouldn’t swear to it.

There are many reason for not giving the option for contacting the people who dont have any gig or you can say they are actually buyers. first to keep the fiverr’s environment clear and spam free. If every buyer is contactable then every newbie will try to send them message about his gigs and ‘buyer’ will get too many messages and will run away in this situation. this will be the same like we getting too many email in our junk folder in our mail box.


when buyer are posting gig request every seller can see the request posted by them if he have left response requests he can send them his offers.

But imagine he dont have more options and he (seller) used already his 10 available responses, then seller will go to buyers profile page and will send them messages to get the him hired,

think about it _ buyer will get too many spam and it will much hard for them to choose one. and there is no reason to give 10 response to every one?

its great system that every one have only 10 options to contact/ or response buyer request.

every one have equal chances with a proper system.

not providing the option for contact buyers or the people who dont have any gig is great thing and keeping out fiverr community very clear and spam free.


Reply to @sexypast: Just go to their profile or gig and click the Contact Me button.

This is one of my favorite things about Fiverr. Not that it’s perfect, but they have created an environment where buyers don’t get attacked by overzealous sellers (unless they’ve already initiated contact, but even then, reporting is a click away). I’ve tried other freelance sites and they’re a spam free-for-all.

That being said, I just participated in a survey that asked how I felt about Fiverr allowing sellers to advertise on the site. I’m not totally against it, but I like how it is now. I like that sellers are ranked based on their performance and don’t get to pay to circumvent that system.

is a great programming aspect from fiverr,bcos it helps to reduce spam

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@noelblast I agree because if you were allowed to contact anyone there would be massive spam and anger a lot of members.

You are not allowed to promote your gigs by sending messages to members.
That is why there is no contact button for members without gigs.

Imagine a world, dear OP, in which you are assaulted by trillions of offers. Do you want 500 Facebook likes? Do you need your video to be validated by 10,000 actual YouTube viewers? Would it please you to have someone run a photo through a filter on Photoshop so it looks like an ancient charcoal print from Turkey c. 1900? Perhaps it would please sir to have 10 articles spun and dried on a washing line in a picturesque part of the world for just $5 No? Then surely sir woeuld love a quadrillion backlinks, all from top PR sites? Really sir? Then you must take up this offer, because it’s exclusive for a limited time only on Fiverr: I will write you a ebook of your choice so long as it’s about whatever my ebook is about.

Now, imagine all that flooding your inbox 24/7. Are you going to pay attention to this dross? No. Is anyone going to pay attention to your own unwanted spam because you want to promote? No.

So there, that’s why you can’t do this. Anyone who contacts me is going to get a sound telling off and a report–so don’t even think about it. I don’t need your crappy service. If I did, I’d come to you. Capisce?


I just got an offer once again. Honestly, this is not the way to get sales.

I just did too, although thankfully only in message format. This seller has been told off and reported. If you sent me this offer because of my message, boy you a dumass.