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How to contact customer support

Hi everyone,
I want to get a refund for an order I placed and I already received the product. However, I did not get the package that I paid for. It is an ebook cover. The offer said I would get the 2D and the 3D, a back and spine and source file. I paid 57,75$.
On the seller’s page, he then put the package for sale for 15$.
First the seller said, he could not do the 3D. I understood.
In the end, I only got the 2D, no back and spine, no source file.
I gave a negative feedback, said I liked the cover but the delivery did not match the offer.
I received an email saying “Please remove your feedback”. I asked for the rest of the order. The answer “Remove your feedback. You liked the cover, so please remove”

Until now, I have not been able to get any real answer from the seller, and no action either. At some point, he told me he would refund half the money if I removed my comment. I refused because I apparently could get the same offer for 15$ (on his sale page).
Then he said, "now pay 30$ to compensate for the loss."
Since then, silence.

I feel like I have been scammed, somehow.
Can someone tell me how to contact customer support, please. I have found no contact email on the site.
Thank you

At the top of this link:

There is a button which says “submit request” or something like that.

Sorry to hear about your experience. @Ryangillam ist right. Wish you best of luck in getting this sorted out.

Thank you very much,
Wishing you a lovely day,