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How to contact Fiverr about a cancelled over. No buttons exist to ask for $55 return for order?


I can not find a way to ask for my $55 dollars back. I tried to get two different people to write a review of my book and both asked to cancel. I said yes both times. I paid $55 and received no service for my cash? There is no way to send a message to customer service when orders are cancelled. The PayPall ID: 9MK52041V1014980H charge for $55 is the only record I have of my effort to get a review. Should I now contact PayPal? If I do, what can they do, if anything? Help. This is frustrating to learn now that there is no way to communicate with Fiverr!


Normally when a gig is cancelled the money automatically goes to your Fiverr account balance. It doesn’t refund back to Paypal. Right next to your username on the top right should be a green box with a dollar amount. It should reflect your refund.

If you don’t want to buy anything else on Fiverr, you could contact customer service and see if they could just send it back to your Paypal. If you’re on you can scroll down to the bottom for the CS link, it’s under Get Help.


You can contact Customer Support just by clicking this link :slight_smile: