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How to Contact Fiverr Support?


I have a gig that has been made for months ago, but it is still in pending it says.
I try to use the contact form submitting that my gig doesn’t show up in the search results, but when I press Submit Request it says “Action failed, please try again” (tried different browsers, same result)

Are there any other way to contact the support ?

Thanks in advance

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URL is:

Only reliable method as far as I know.

That is the url I am already using, but the contact form fails :thinking:

Have you tried a different browser? I submitted a ticket not long ago and didn’t have any issues (was using Firefox, but often use Chrome).

I have had a small issue using their contact form in the past using Edge.

I wouldn’t rule out an issue with their system though - Give it another shot a bit later if you have no joy.

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Just tried with Firefox as well - exactly the same result as the other browsers I have tried to send the form from.

If that doesn’t work, you can email them at

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