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How To Contact Support?

How can I contact support? Every time I try to do so, I get a message that says if I am not signed up I will have to register. If I am signed up with customer support, I will receive an immediate email once I click on the forgot password link.

In 48 hours I did not receive an immediate email. When I try to register, it tells me that a user is already using my email address. That user is me. Yet, when I fill in the details it tells me that they do not match the registration information. I know they do. I use a password manager.

However, I just clicked on forgot password link again hours ago and never received an email. Why is this so difficult to do? Why is support unreachable without having to break down walls?

Can someone please tell me how to reach Fiverr Customer Support? Does it really exist? If so, how can I reach them preferably sometime this month? I have been online for along time and have never seen any customer service so difficult to reach.

Please tell them that I am looking for them since I can’t reach them through conventional means. Please don’t direct me back to the customer service link. It does not work. I have found Waldo easier.

Thank you.

I think you could send them an email.

The address should be

I will try that and see if that reaches them.

Thank you.

You can log a Support ticket here:

No I can’t. That is where the problem begins. I cannot log in there. It does not work for me.