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How To contact Support?


I have tried hard to find a way to send a message to fiverr … but there is no such thing. Any link to Constact Support is really a link to a FAQ page only, not a real form or email to contact fiverr. So how do people contact support? I have an issue with a seller that keeps changing the price, so the same files requested, and I noticed that MANY of the logo artists are the SAME people. They say that they speak English, but they do not. It is so hard to communicate with seller who will simply copy/paste comments and do not really read the question/s asked. This is the norm for Asian countries. BUT ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS HOW DO I CONTACT SOMEONE IN SUPPORT? why is there NO way to contact a staff member of fiverr?


No worries!!
Click "help " in the menu that slides down, on the top right corner of your Fiverr page and you will be directed to the Fiverr Customer Support page.
Then, On the top right corner, you have, “submit a request”. Click that and then you need to fill some information on which category your message goes, like if it’s about safety or a technical problem and likewise you can fill in the form and on the bottom of the form, you get a message box in whuch you can send your message regarding anything!

Good Luck!


The HELP link tags dont click through. Either on the bottom of the page or the top. Dont work, Cant get hold of support to even report this. The eternal quest continues… How to get hold of support, you cant


This what I get when I click your link
The connection has timed out
It does not work.Can you either provide a working link or tellme whats wrong and why it wont open a support page.


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This thread is from 3-years-ago. I’m sure OP figured it out by now. :pineapple:

If not, Houston, we’ve got a problem.