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How to contact the buyer? [I am new seller Fiverr]

I am new seller Fiverr, how to contact a new buyer? Thanks for your respons.

You have to wait for the buyer to come to you… you can also check the buyers requests section to make offers to buyers who are in need of some jobs to be done.

ya I agree theratypist. your gig always update.

Okay, thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

Oke, thank you. :smiley:

I joined in fiverr june 2011 as Buyer. & now my first time as seller :smiley:
just follow your question bro :smiley:

June 2011? :o
Awesome… :smiley:
I new seller.

Is there a penalty for contacting a buyer via message? Or is simply rude?

It is Pishing & Spam if the buyer has not contacted you first / not ordered anything from you.

Had just got 2 orders since I joined… Yet, I check my analysis and I notice I get more clicks on my gigs…What could be wrong?

Nothing wrong, find more in Buyer Request :smiley:

Yes, now many spam & phising