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How to contact with buyer easily and first

contact with my buyers is a big problem for me now. It takes long time to contact with buyer via fiver message. that’s why i can’t get more detail about my job. and for this reason some times I am unable to done the perfect work for my buyer. what is the best way to contact with buyer to give them a batter work?

I don’t understand why you have problems discussing the order details with the buyer. It doesn’t take longer for emails to go from the buyer to you on fiverr than to you on any other email system, and the other way around. If you need more space to write than the fiverr system allows, just put the rest in a second message.

Sorry, but that sounds like an excuse for not doing work the buyer liked.

it’s for our time variation . I am from bangladesh and my buyer is from usa. when he sand me message may be am in sleep that time. and when I sand him message it’s happened to him.

We ALL deal with different time zones! This is an international site. Do you think the rest of us do something different? No, we answer our emails regularly and as quickly as we can. And being in different time zones has NO impact on the quality (or lack) of our work. 8-|

Adding to the above comments:

I think most sellers just get worried if their order is marked LATE. Don’t worry if your order is marked as LATE due to buyer’s slow responses or communication gaps. You should just focus on the work and keep the buyer updated about the work on the order page. :slight_smile:


yea @bestinmarket this is a big matter of worry. communication gap is responsible for let on our work. that’s why I can’t do more work in a day.

shakil247 said: that's why I can't do more work in a day.
Then you need to increase the time on your gigs. Sorry, I still think you're using the time difference in communicating with people from around the world as an excuse. We ALL figure out how to deal with it, and it's not a reason to give poor work to a buyer.
Lengthen the time on your gigs.
Check your email more often.
Set your email account to forward to your phone or at least a notification alert when you get new emails, so you know to check your account....OR....
Ask a friend or family member to monitor your email from Fiverr when you're at work or school. Everyone has to sleep, so turn it all off when you do. If your buyer can't understand that you need to sleep, then do the best you can, but don't worry about it; you're only human, and anyway, do you really want to keep such an unreasonable buyer? Most people are not that inflexible.

Reply to @shakil247: I have a gig of designing business cards. I have set the delivery time of 2 days. I usually first send the design to my buyer after he/she approves or asks for any changes then I send them PRINT READY files.

Some buyers take time to respond up to 3, 4 days. My order is marked LATE. But I wait for their answer, as they answer I make changes to their designs and send them final product. So no issues…

“LATE” orders are not cancelled automatically. So no need to worry.

P.S. You have to have “more and more” orders to work “more and more”.

I am not talking about poor work to buyer. I am talking about my time manage. when I am doing any job of any buyer i am waiting for instruction or confirmation that kill my time that’s why I can’t ado more and more work in a day.@celticmoon

yea. thank you