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How to contact with Buyer who has cancelled the order

I was on holidays and got one order during that period. Now trying to contact that buyer but can’t, is there any possibility to do that?

From my experience, haven had an order canceled for similar reasons, I think you can. Go to the canceled order page, at the bottom of the page, you should see a “contact buyer” link staring at you. That is how I got to communicate with the buyer who canceled.

Go to your dashborad<contacts<My buyer.

Did Fiverr ban your previous account or you deactivated it?

yeah checked but nothing is there in their new system.

I have made a gig but donot know what’s the second step need ur help

I don’t think you can. If the buyer ordered and kept their info on the order page and you got an automatic late review, there is no inbox conversation with the buyer to go back to. You should never leave Fiverr without going on vacation mode or putting gigs on pause.