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How to contact with buyer who never ever send me a message before?

i have some problem with buyer. when he cancelled, i want to talk with him about our deal. but that time, i realized that he don’t contact with me in message. he contact by “update order”.

so how should i do to contact with him now?


Reply to @inkpetal: Mmm, odd. Ah well, I am guessing it’s to protect buyers from spamming sellers. It is a bit strange, but then I only checked a few profiles so that’s why I thought everyone had it.

Reply to @laughingcrow: I checked through my sales and the only people with “CONTACT” by their names are Sellers. I don’t believe customer-only profiles, or profiles without active gigs, have that contact option.

If you know the name of the buyer (from the log) you can find him on Fiverr. So go to You will then be able to click “Contact Me” under the person’s name.

no you cannot message him now… there is no way

At the bottom of the order click the buyers name where it states view discussion with …

I have the same problem. The buyer cancel the order and in the same message ask me for a budget, but I cannot reach him! Annoying!

Hello guys,

The way to do it is this: in some cases it works