How to contact with buyers? I got messages from 3 buyers


I got messages from 3 buyers. i replied but then they replied very late so i sent 6 7 messages. After an hour they replied you are too aggresive wo dont wanna work with you. So when do buyers mostly reply i mean after how much time. do it take 1 hour for a reply? please help me this thing canceled my 3 orders


Buyers will reply when they want to reply. You get them on your bad side if you spam them with messages.


so i should not send too many messages right?


Just reply to their message and wait for their reply before you reply again.


for example a buyer sent me a message and then didn’t replied for 20 30 minutes didn’t it mean he or she is contacting another seller?


Who knows what they are doing. Just wait for their reply and then reply back. If they never reply to you just leave it at that. It means they don’t want to.


thats a good advice dude


Just send one message. Never more than one. Then just wait and maybe they will send another message, or maybe they will not. But either way, just send one message.


So what if they did? Spamming them isn’t going to convince them to work with you; as you found out, it will make them run away.

Sending more than one message just makes you look desperate and unprofessional.


The fact that you got messages from 3 buyers shows that people are interested in your gig and what you did probably lost you sales.

Just had a quick look at one of your gigs and you say “Hurry Up . Order Now”.
Suggest you remove “Hurry Up” as that will put many buyers off.

We already know you are impatient! :wink:


thanks alot dear. i needed such advices. i will edit it .
thanks for your kind response :slight_smile:


haha yeah i am really soo impatient for my first few sales :wink:


Just another thing. Lots of people don’t like to be called dear and do not call your buyers dear!


then what should i call? Sir?


No - not sir, dude or bro. Just the username. :slightly_smiling_face:


okay that’s fine i will be careful from now onward


When they message you. Then you should also reply them at the same time. If you reply them later. It is a bad impact. Keep online most time or you should buy online script


Sending many messages in a short amount of time is considered spamming.
People have other things to do and they also need time to think about your offer (among other offers).
Leave it be, the buyers will reply if they are interested in your service.
Don’t urge them to reply. If you reply your customer, keep all of your ideas in a single message.

Usually buyers only contact a seller if they are interested in the service the seller offers; they are already ready to purchase the service, just need some more explanation. The fact that 3 buyers backed away from your service shows that you are doing it wrong.

I don’t know how you address your potential buyers, however if you use the same ‘dear, dude, bro’, they may feel unpleasant.
Here’s a good post about this matter: Calling people “Dear”