How to continue the work like before after vacation?


Hi all,
I’m a level 1 seller on fiverr. After getting the level i was in vacation. I back two days before, now my gig impression are goes down. How to start again like before with the full power :muscle:?
I’m in online 14/16 hours, sending buyer request 5/7 a day & sharing gig in social media. Is it enough or need to do something special? Please suggest…


After I used Out if Office mode, it took about a week to start getting orders again.


I’ve used the out of office/vacation mode, and it was different each time.
In some cases I got an order as soon as I reopened my gigs, in other cases
it took a week or so.
I guess the best thing (or the only thing??) you can do is just go on with your life while
you promote your gigs. :thinking:


I have only used it twice, and I am not a TRS. :thinking:

Hi Zeus! Sending virtual :hugs: just because.

Only for Zeuss777's eyes

I was thinking? Do I need a Kimono for my next outfit?


Hi there ( and pardon me, I know this is off-topic from the post),

If you’d like a kimono image, I’d be more than happy to work on one!


I got an order after vacation but not enough like before.


Everything I promoting my gig as wel & sending buyer request but now getting some knock from buyer. I think gig marketing is the best policy.


Send costume request to ur buyers


Why would they need a costume? :thinking:


They might be trying to cosplay as a buyer maybe? :thinking:


Sorry I want to write send offer but accediently write this. :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries. I hate it when I accidentally write things too. :wink: