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How to convert buyer account to seller account

i am a seller but on my profile , i am view as a buyer ,how to change this view.
2nd when i create a gigs then it directly goes into the darfts, and active gigs shows empty.
please help


How do you know you are shown as a buyer? Any tag?


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So I am a buyer as well…:expressionless:

Its not related with that. When you Click it, it show you how your profile look to the buyers i.e your description, education, etc etc…

Second question: when you create a gig and fill the requirements, then save it.

Check this…


You need to start selling gigs on Fiverr. If you have a best seller gig then to your account will be attached a background (as you can see on my profile my best seller gig is Virtual Assistant gig and I got a background on my profile from the Business-Virtual Assistant category)

So what you should do is to sell at least one gig I guess then you will get a background
Hope it helps.

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okay thanks …i will try.

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“View As buyer” it means if you click that you can see your profile as Buyer see your profile from his end :slight_smile:

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It says view as a buyer because you are currently viewing it as a seller. (you are a seller). Your gig is in the draft because you have not fully set it up.

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what do you mean not fully set it up ?

Yes they are drafts and they are not active gigs and you also need reviews. That’s what I’ve tried to say.
You need to PUBLISH that gigs to let them be active on your profile. In the moment that you have at least one active gig you can consider yourself as a seller.

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in the last part when you finish adding everything to you gig, ie. category, pricing, description, requirements, images,videos… The final steps are publishing then you will be given a chance to share with social media. If you did not go through all the steps your gig will be saved as a draft… Simply click on it and it will take you to the point where you had not filled everything as required

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i don,t know what,s going .

Instead of going outside fiverr you can simply pm someone inside the fiverr messages.

Have you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service?

Exchanging personal contact information is forbidden.

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Only if that someone allows it, otherwise it’s spam.

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what do you mean by pm ??

private message …

I m seller and I m not Buyers Request Tab. Instead I m seeing switch to seller mode.
How I become a seller.


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