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How to convience buyers?


How can I make understand buyers that I can do the particular job but don’t have any ready or pre-made projects? Because normally their first requirement remains “how will you do the job” or “how is this possible”.
After getting the perfect solution. They stop the conversation because of not having any ready or pre-made projects. That is the right way to handle this… Thank you. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what you mean but I never have ore-made projects.
All my work is custom made only for one client with all original work.

Of course clients will come and ask you questions but that’s normal, they are not obliged to buy from you after asking questions


I am not sure what you mean by pre-made either. If you mean sample work, you should be able to show generic samples to a buyer. If you don’t have a portfolio you can create original samples to show by just making them up as though they were for a real client. Buyers are not likely to buy without seeing a generic sample of some kind. If that isn’t what you meant, please elaborate.


Hi, Buyers asking for a sample work in buyers request where there is not option of sending samples. I always ask them to contact me to see the sample work… in fact I offer a free sample work in my sales offer. But no luck so far :roll_eyes:


Hi, you can always send a Google drive link or so yea. That’s what I do because I use the App most times. Only a PC allows you to upload samples directly

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Yes, I always keep my portfolio ready. These situations are different. Suppose if you go to someone for a unique feature in website, which requires custom coding to built it from scratch. You will give him time to built it or at the last moment without giving order you will walk away with solution?


I don’t really follow everything you wrote here but you don’t do work without an order. You can create a custom quote for a buyer with a delivery time from 24 hours to one month, so you should make quotes for custom coding (or any service) that takes less than 30 days. All the work should be completed by that time. Sellers decide how long they need to do the requested work and they decide how much they will charge for it. Buyers pay for it in advance and they often make their decisions based on the seller’s portfolio.


It would help if they would add imgur to that list since it’s so easy to use and upload things to.


I can’t even find a list of allowed links yet. That was added to my comment by the CS or so Mod Note



First of all make clear in your description EXACTLY what you provide. They cant ask for something you dont offer !

Maria S.


Definitely. I agree with you!