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How to convince Buyer using Buyer Request? Need tips #topratedsellers


I need tips for sending buyer requests. As buyer request is a key for new sellers so please give me suggestions how to attract the buyer when sending buyer requests?



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Search for this on the forum. There are plenty of threads answering this question.

For example:

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thanks for such a nice tips.

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Your hash tag is odd but I assume you want answers only from TRS. I doubt many TRS use BR once they are established. The answer you did get is a link to a post for buyers, not sellers. Good luck.

Was it for buyers?

It looked like it was educating sellers. I mean, tip 2 states " Keep your description clear and concise.Remember that the buyer may have dozens or even hundreds of offers to consider. "

I searched the forum and I did find a lot of tips for buyers, but that post that I linked above was for sellers.