How to convince buyer?


Hi, i’m new in fiverr. I’m a professional graphics designer. I have 3 year’s experience on graphics design. I still work on local market. But I don’t know, how to convince buyer in online market place? Anyone can suggest me?


Fast reply
cheap offer
and better explanation
and point out some sentence which make him beleve you can do that


I assume you’ve tried buyer requests, right?
Copy here the last request and your offer. Then we can point out some of the flaws and help you improve.


You need to make a better gig with a much better title.

Your current title is not one that will convince anyone to hire you nor will it get ranked in the right place:

I Will Do Clipping Path And Remove Background In Photoshop Quickly

As a designer, you also need a much more vibrant and attention getting graphic on your gig. You have lots of competition so make something really professional that will stand out from the crowd. It’s ok, but use some really bright colors.

You use the word “clipping” repeatedly which does not mean anything to English speaking people. You need to remove that word from your title and description.

Removing backgrounds has nothing to do with “clipping” as far as native English speakers know.


Miss Crystal pretty much covered everything that needs to be said.
Your gig is in a VERY competitive category, and unfortunately yours does not stand out, and the grammar errors in your description makes it worse I’m afraid.
You can hire someone here at Fiverr and ask them to edit your gig description, that’s a start.


many many thanks for your important suggestion. I will improve my gig title and description.


many many thanks for your important suggestion. It will be very helpful for me.


many many thanks for your important feedback.


I’m very gladful for your suggestion.


The word clipping is actually used by graphic designers for what he is offering :slight_smile: