How to Correct Rating for a Customer on Fiverr


HI, First let me start off by saying whoever designed the new Fiverr interface needs to be fired and a refund needs to be made. Most UN_USER friendly site ever. Now, I got an excellent gig completed for me. I accidentally gave his a negative rating and it needs to be POSITIVE. How in the heck do I change it? Please dont say go to the resolution page because the instructions are vague and take me nowhere.



You would have to contact Fiverr Customer Center to fix it…

There’s no other way…



Hey Sheron,

So sorry you have the issue you mentioned. However it is something that can be easily fixed, all you need to do is put the cursor of your mouse beside or on the review you gave the seller and you will see the option popup “REMOVE/REPLACE YOUR FEEDBACK” on the right hand side of the review you gave the seller. Click on that option and you will be allowed to change the review you wrote! :slight_smile:

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