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How to crate tip jar gig?


Hi, everyone i want to know how to create a Tip jar Gig??


You create it just like any other gig, there’s nothing special about a tip jar gig, it’s just a gig like any other :slight_smile: But do make sure to indicate that it is a tipping gig by showing the right imagery and having the proper description.


You no longer need to have a tip jar gig.

Every buyer is given the opportunity to tip you when they complete their order.


Tip jar gigs are still useful and still used by many of us, including top sellers use it - why? Let me tell you a secret:

A buyer has 7 days available to leave a tip on your order, after which they won’t be able to tip you anymore. Whereas a tip jar gig will be there forever, and can even help a buyer give a bigger tip than they would have done if you know how to design your tip gig.


Or I could sit on the high street with a bucket in case some kind passers by drop a few coins in it? :slight_smile:

I see what you’re saying, and realise tip jars were the thing to have before the tip option became available on every order.


My tip gig still gets ordered, and so do those of other sellers’ - why are you saying it’s not helpful anymore if it still gets ordered? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, here’s one thing that you may not have had before: a buyer who doesn’t want your work and simply wants to tip you without having an order to add a tip to. I’ve had various users buy my tip gig just to give me a tip, without knowing me, without previously using my services… If someone wants to tip you just because they feel they should, why not give them the means of doing it? :smiley:


Each to his own! :wink:


And some of my buyers come back to me after a month saying they were happy with my services and want to tip me, so I kindly send them towards my tip gig and voila! :smiley: That wouldn’t be possible with the new tip feature, would it? Because it can be done in max 7 days :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh you’re so lucky to have such generous buyers!


Do I sense some bitter irony, sarcasm or something else in there? :smiley: I’m not here to make enemies, and I wish that people would’ve never known the meaning of “enemy” - I’m here to help, and I felt it wasn’t fair to say that tip gigs are of no use anymore, when they are still being used and ordered in 2017, and gave you proof of all that and the scenarios that come with it. I wasn’t bragging :wink:


Not at all - your buyers are obviously very generous! :slight_smile:


Well, obviously not all of them (and you should see the opposite ones who almost scam you into giving them your money haha), but I do wish I had more of them :stuck_out_tongue: And here’s some :heart: for you because I ran out of hearts, again!


@offlinehelpers, @Woofy31 you’re ignoring one more thing!
Tip gig will increase your review. (obviously 5 stars) :smiling_imp:


Thank you so much for guidance, :slight_smile:


I’m with woofy (autocorrect keeps changing it to woody, ha, ha) on this one.

I much prefer the tip jar.

I really hate that 5r put the tip option at the end of the order.


Woody is still better than Wooly like some people call me, and I don’t it’s their autocorrect spelling it wooly haha!


Many years back one called me Woody’s, like I was some fast food or something haha! And don’t get me even started on all those 'hun, Ma’am, Darling, Dear and all feminine titles applied on a masculine figure haha!


There is only one Woody:


I used to have this as my profile picture and I had sellers calling me guy, dude, man, bro, and such.

One even referred to me as him/her.

Edit: Done by a very talented 5r seller for a measly $25 + $10 tip and not illegally downloaded from google


For real? That’s just… wrong, on all levels! Why do male sellers get called female names, and female sellers get called male names?! I don’t get it, why??