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How to crate tip jar gig?


I think it’s for entertainment purposes. Ha, ha.

Needless to say, I find it unprofessional for anyone to call me anything other than my username. I don’t work with them.


I have a couple of buyers that tip INSANELY. But I have never thought of creating a tip jar gig.
Didn’t want to be perceived as a tip-whore (non-offensive), in my perspective. But after reviewing this thread and some other gigs that have tip jars, I’m now inclined to join in!

I have sellers and perspective sellers calling me Marcus. And while I understand that it’s pronounced the same a MarKus…I always have to tell them, it’s Markus…with a “K”. One guy asked me “does it matter?” His name was Jonas. I asked would he be offended if I called him Jackie. He said, “thats not my name”, to which I replied, and mine isn’t Marcus.

Good times…good times…:innocent: