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How to create 100 sale on the week

My gig has been down since the Covid-19 period :(. Now how do I reach my gig to the previous position. So that I can sell 100 gigs per week of FIVERR.

Thank You


You want to sell 100 gigs per week? Don’t be ridiculous.

Even if you work seven days a week - which is not realistic longterm - you will need to sell 14 gigs a day to achieve this. All your gigs are based around design, which is a niche that takes time and often requires revisions until a client is satisfied.

Set yourself a realistic target that allows you to offer a quality service.

You’ve got some great feedback. Concentrate on quality and not quantity.


That’s probably how I would react if I were to get 100 orders a week:

More seriously at that point I would be raising my prices so much! It’s not the number of order you get that is important, it’s the amount of money you get.


Spot on. I’ve made more money when i increased my gig prices even with much less orders